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Our Process

We Make It All Possible

Are you under at tight deadline for a pre-approval or closing? Or perhaps you struggle with qualifying for a traditional home loan. We work to secure the best possible home loan for you at a price you can afford.


At Oakview, we believe a strong start makes for a strong finish to this challenging process. Our goal at the onset is to understand your needs. We invest extra time to get to know you, your situation, and all the other aspects of the transaction that may influence the final outcome.

From our initial meeting, we determine your priorities and formulate a strategy. We then review the details with you before proceeding.

With a formulated a plan, we work with you to quickly obtain all the documents needed to submit your loan and get you the required initial disclosures promptly.

Once the loan has been released to underwriting, we will continue to be in close communication with you through every step, handling any changes or challenges that may arise on the path to a timely close.

When you partner with Oakview, we start with your vision in mind. We then build a strong foundation, and work to produce the optimal outcome. Partner with us on your home loan journey.

Our Mission

At Oakview Home Loans our mission is to provide each customer with a personalized experience that results in the best possible outcome for their real estate transaction.

How We Compare

Taking the time to listen and understand you, and how this transaction fits into your life and goals is the foundation of what we do at Oakview.  We look forward to getting to know you, and in doing so, believe we will optimize your satisfaction with the result.

Because we are able to offer more than just traditional home loans, we are likely to be an ideal partner for those with non-traditional credit and income profiles.  With our low overhead, we are able to offer very competitive rates for traditional home loans as well.  No matter what your challenge, we are likely to have the right product to meet your need.

With over 25 years living and working in the DMV, our team has a great local network and deep knowledge of the area, bringing added value to your transaction.

We have agreements with the nation’s largest mortgage investors and have secured favorable rates.  We also partner with boutique investors across the country and use our own capital to help meet special needs.

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