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Monthly Rate Update – January 2023

Rates have improved a bit since last month and may continue to get better as we get into Spring. This means that house you have been thinking about may be back within your reach by the Spring. So get ready now!

If you even think you might be interested in a home purchase this Spring, get started now with a pre-approval, so you are ready if anything pops up.

30 Year Fixed Conforming

This Month

Last Month APR
5.625% + 1.5 pts Was Worse

5.80% APR**

30 Year Fixed Veteran Loan

This Month

Last Month APR

5.625% + 0.75 pts

Was Worse

5.77% APR**

5.625% – 0.75 pts (credit)

– For Disabled Veterans

Usually the best option-period if you are qualifying a disabled veteran

5.70% APR**

Other options and Jumbo Loans over $1.1 million

We offer a wide rang of specialty products from $100,000 to $3,000,000 that allow for low down payments, flexible guidelines on credit history, flexible ways to calculate income for self employment, etc.

If there are any other rates you would like included next month or have any questions, call us!

**Advertised rates are for for primary residence purchase loans for well qualified borrowers with credit scores over 740, and over 20% down payment. Prospective borrowers must be able to fully document income per agency guidelines, and meet all other agency requirements for conforming loans. This is not an approval or loan commitment. All borrowers must apply for and be approved for these programs. The Veteran loan pricing reflects 10% or more down and incorporates the VA funding fee into the points listed in the quote.

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